Name:           MICHEL MULLEJANS (Mr.)
Address:        1534 Wyatt Ct. SE
             Stayton, OR 97383-9571
Phone:           +1 (971) 275-6847

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  • Work ethic.                                                
I was selected and trained as a professional translator by Hewlett-Packard France, where I was
employed for ten years. I find that the "HP Way" lets me exercise my skills creatively, and constantly
rewards responsibility. I have the satisfaction of doing a job I love, and to see the immediate result of
my efforts. Doing a job "the HP way" is to bring together talent, skills, experience, the proper tools,
and a methodical quality-control approach.  

  • Experience counts.
A translator has to thoroughly understand the subject he or she is working on. Isadora Duncan said:
What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print.” As a medical sales engineer
working for Hewlett-Packard France, I have worked with medical doctors in hospitals, cardiology labs
and operating rooms, assisted in ultrasound heart exams, observed open chest surgeries, and assisted
nurses working in ICUs.

  • The right tools for the job.                                                                                              
Not only do I use SDL Trados, memoQ and other sophisticated language tools, I also use a hybrid
network of four fast-running computers under Windows 10, MS Office tools, a cable connection, and a
smart phone, which allows me to receive calls on my mobile number and to access email wherever I am.

  • The price is right!                                                                      
For the going price, you get an experienced, full-time, professional translator, producing a quality
product, in a timely manner. A professional translator has a different outlook on the work, and a
different mindset. Prices can also be adapted to the nature and size of the material.

  • Where does "Mullejans" come from?                                                                      
"Mullejans" is a German name, originating from Aachen, Germany (Aix-la-Chapelle in French, Aken
in Dutch). Petra Mullejans, a German violinist and conductor, is a distant cousin.
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