Directly or indirectly--through translation agencies--I have worked for many companies.  
The purpose of this abbreviated list is to serve as a guide of the type of industries and products I
am familiar with.

Experience:  Clients List Excerpt

Acuson Ultrasound, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Aramark, ATL Ultramark Ultrasound,
Becton-Dickinson, Bell Helmets, Bell Racing, Bell Sports, Boeing, Boston Scientific, Bristol-Myers
Squibb, Centers for Disease Control, CH2M Hill, Coca-Cola, Dell Computer Corp., Delta Airlines,
Department of Homeland Security, Destinator Europe, Dow Chemical, Électricité De France, Eli
Lilly, Gartner Group, GE Healthcare, GE Medical, Getty Images, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-
Packard, Howmedica, IBM, Intel, Intuit, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Lockheed Martin, Lucent
Technologies, Mattel, McDonnell Douglas, Mentor Graphics, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Merck &
Co., Microsoft, Nike, Northrop-Grumman, Oerlikon, Peugeot, Promise Technology, Qualcomm,
Raritan Computer, Real Networks, Seagate, Siemens, Smith Kline Beecham, St Jude Medical, Steris,
Sulzer Medical, Sybase, Synthelabo, Teledyne, The Mérieux Group, Titan Tool, Toshiba
Ultrasound, United Airlines…

Experience:  Types of documents translated

Technical manuals, non-fiction books and articles, press releases and communiqués, newsletters,
public addresses, conference and seminar summaries, thesis materials.

In the medical part of my work I have translated technical manuals, training manuals, medical
courses, pharmaceutical compendia, medical publications (MSDS [Material Safety Data Sheets],
technical data sheets, double-blind or controlled studies, marketing collateral for medical
representatives, website materials), medical and pharmaceutical companies’ newsletters (Beckton-
Dickinson, SmithKline French, SmithKline Beecham), contracts and tenders as related to medical
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